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Testimonials and Cases

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This page will be updated periodically, as time permits. We operate a practice that is very dynamic in terms of what we are doing day to day. As one can imagine, the testimonials we have been blessed with vary greatly and we would like to share some with you occasionally. Keep in mind, the chiropractic profession does not “treat” anything specifically. Instead we first focus on correcting imbalances in the spine that cause imbalances in the rest of the body. Many times these other imbalances are related to the spine, and then therefore are also addressed.

Knee Pain Resolution

Neck Stiffness (Chronic)

Scoliosis, severe arthritis, disc disease, ankle and knee pain

Tinnitus – Ringing in the ear

Low Back with Leg Pain

Low Back and Neck Stiffness

Allergies (sinus and eyes)

Bicep Pain

MMA Knee Injury & Performance